Tile installation is the oldest trade in the flooring industry, the art of tile setting has changed and evolved over the years with technology advancing the materials used for installation. The act of tile installation has only become more technical, with patterns and layouts, grout lines getting tighter , tiles having rectified edges and each individual tile getting larger and thinner.

We provide services for all types and stages of tile installations, below is a brief description of our specialties:


WATer proofing

The most important facet of your shower and bathtub area is not the tile but whats behind it. We start by installing Hardibacker cement board on all walls and benches. Next our certified installer wraps all the walls and floors exclusively with Schluter Kerdi waterproofing membrane. We then conduct a flood test in the shower pan to confirm the waterproof system. Now the shower or bathtub surround is ready for tile to be installed.


Anti-fracture membrane

All substrates are not equal, weather it is new or old concrete slabs, radiant heat flooring, plywood or OSB. You are only as good as the substrate your bonding to meaning that no matter how great the tile installation is, if your bond and substrate fails the entire floor is a failure. All construction materials expand and contract at different rates and under different circumstance. Anti fracture membranes are mandatory in all of our tile installations this allows for the structure of the home to move with out disturbing the tile and maintain the strength and durability the we expect from a tile floor. Another key component is that Ditra antifracture membrane is thin and allows us to keep the floor height down to match the height in adjoining rooms. When all the seems are seals it also provides a waterproof seal in the tiled space


Large Porcelain slabs/sheets


This is without a doubt our favorite product to use and install, while many tiles setter shy away from these slabs we embrace it and have the experience and tools to execute any and all installations. These porcelain sheets are quickly becoming the most sought after installations by home owners designers and in commercial spaces, the problem is only a handful of installers can do it.


Nero Marquina

This is a honed porcelain Nero marquina porcelain slab, installed in this curb less shower. The bench drop ceiling and pony wall have all been wrapped. With the marble accent wall spilling into the shower space and the bathroom floor flowing seamlessly to the tiled linear drain.


Thats where Natural Finishings comes in, we have been installing these products since 2013 and have installed everything from floors, to full shower enclosures with ceilings, kitchen counter tops and backsplashes. These porcelain slabs are the most technical tile installation on the market but with out a doubt provide the most unique and jaw dropping finishes.



Tiling a pool may seem straight forward however there are many facets to the installation and technical information to material used that only comes with experience. Weather its a 40 foot long infinity edge that need to be level down to a 32nd of an inch or connecting your mosaic tile in a rounded cove corner or on safety side of things providing tile on stairs with the appropriate anti slip rating and color contrast needed under water. The correct installation of pool tile can not be understated due to the vigor’s of being submerged under water, the chemicals used in pools, the temperature changes of the seasons and the most important sun exposure.


With tiles now coming in every design imaginable, weather its natural stone or porcelain to mimic natural stone or a plain solid color tile we can also incorporate patterns to enhance the look of your tile. From brick patterns to the timeless look of herringbone any desired layout is achievable.