Flooring removal


Removal of glue down hardwood and tile

These are the 2 most difficult and challenging floor covering to remove, not to mention the messiest. Fortunately we specialize in removing tile, glue down hardwood and double glue down hardwood. When it comes to this process there are many steps to consider, what is the substrate, what is to be removed, are there multiple layers of flooring, is there radiant heat floors, all of which will dictate what the approach will be. We provide full site protection ie. wrapping all walls floor to ceiling in poly, wrapping all cabinets and sealing off any and all adjoining rooms. Then we begin the process of the floor removal, we use vacuums with every step to minimize the dust and we use specific equipment to lift the hardwood or tile. The next step is to remove the glue or thin-set which is a multi step process. Finally we expose raw concrete allowing for the adhesion of any new floor covering.

The final step in our floor removal package is leveling the space for new floors. We provide this service in any space creating a perfectly flat surface, ready for the installation of any floor covering be it a glue down hardwood, tile or floating floor.